BellaClub presents   Amanda Maquellen - See more of her in brand new photo sets! Amanda Maquellen - See more of her in brand new photo sets!She’s got 18.000 Instagram followers, and 7.000 Facebook fans. We’re sure that, after you see these pictures, she’ll get another one – you! Fan, follower, friend… we all want this girl next door. The waiting list is long for having the opportunity to get to know pretty Amanda Maquellen a bit better. This 21 year-old babe is Bella Club’s new model, and she’s about to surprise you. During our interview, she revealed she has kissed other women – and that she’d “kiss again.” Would you like to see what else she’s capable of doing with your imagination? See it for yourself right now!

 Tara Linaker Tara Linaker

 Camila and Laísa Camila and Laísa

Tall, blonde, with impressive 104 centimeters of behind, and a soccer lover. The new Bella Club model is a woman that makes our heads turn no matter what she’s doing. At 23, she loves going to the stadium to watch the live matches – and she scores every time!Want to know and see more? Parto ne of her photo shoot airs on Wednesday. Save the date so you won’t forget!  Blog She’s the new Bella Club model

Let's please welcome pretty Emanuela Albino into our routine, and listen to what she has to say. She would just like to say hello, and ask you to stop by her photo shoot here in Bella Club when you've got the time. She guarantees it'll be worth it!  Blog Please receive her warm hello

As you know it already, today is live photo shoot day here in Bella Club! We'll be posting photos and videos throughout the day, here and in our social media channels, of the photographs being made right now for one of the hottest websites on the Internet. Stay tuned so you won't miss a thing!Facebook: /bellaclubSnapchat: /belladasemanaInstagram: @belladasemanaoficialTumblr: belladasemana.tumblr.comTwitter: /bellaclubGoogle +: +bellaclubBella Club - the best excuse to check the social media!   Blog Check our live photo shoot!

Tomorrow brings much more of stunning Amanda to all Bella Club fans! Owner of piercing blue eyes and perfect natural breasts, the model returns to the website with the second part of a photo shoot that will certainly mess with your imagination. We'll meet again tomorrow. See you then!  Blog There's much more of her tomorrow!

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Apart from our models (because than this poll would be disloyal), what do you like the most in Bella Club?


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