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Carlos Augusto wrote on E a vencedora é...:
O melhor latifúndio do concurso, ja estou louco para ver este ensaio. Ainda quero ver outras concorrentes no Bella tbm. PRISCILLA ROCHA é muito gostosa. #FICADICA
ANGELA wrote on E a vencedora é...:
Minha amiga tem POSTURA e BELEZA,isso aliado a um charme imenso.Votei e voto sempre nesse doçura de menina.
rafael pedrosa wrote on Mais sobre Vanessa Vailatti:
muito bonita e charmosa
bruno wrote on E a vencedora é...:
Votação é votação. Vence a maioria mas ela não estava nem no meu top 10 do concurso. Uma bela oportunidade perdida pra mostrar mulheres lindas e desconhecidas.
denis wrote on E a vencedora é...:
YES!!!!!!! Merecidíssimo! Esse ensaio será perfeito!!!!
SubscriberAvascir Lima Aragao wrote on A primeira beldade de março:
Sabrina Petrarca, linda modelo.
SubscriberSebastião Daniel wrote on Concurso: uma delas é a vencedora!:
As três são lindas, mas a Cinthya Macchia é simplesmente maravilhosa e especial...
SubscriberSebastião Daniel wrote on E a vencedora é...:
Ai, que emoção!!! Que maravilha!! Eu tô explodindo de alegria!!! Desde o começo eu sabia que a grande vencedora seria a Cinthya Macchia, pois além de linda ela é uma geminiana muito querida com seus fãs e amigos. Parabéns para a Cinthya Macchia, pois mereceu, e muito, vencer este concurso...
David Liang wrote on E a vencedora é...:
Parabéns Cinthya Macchia...Você mereceu ganhar...meu voto não foi em vão!.
Ribeiro wrote on E a vencedora é...:
Nosss que delicia que é essa Cinthya vitória merecida com certeza.
Sano wrote on E a vencedora é...:
Como disseram, ela é musa do santos, relativamente desconhecida. A ideia pra mim é que a vencedora fosse totalmente anônima, como se aquela minha vizinha gostosa posasse nua do nada. A Cinthya poderia receber um convite mesmo sem participar.
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credits: Dollar Photo Club
Blog - Your style on the beach

Your style on the beach

by Bella Club

Whether you´re lucky enough to live in a city by the sea, or are visiting a hot climate, you need the threads that´ll make you look hotter than the sizzling sun and the ladies in thong bikinis — okay, maybe not the latter. Nevertheless, you´d better check out this beach must-have list because, even though you won´t have much on, onlookers will still notice even the most minute amount of clothing you are wearing.

Click here to read this month´s Spot .

credits: Bella Club
Blog - Contest: the 20 most-voted up to now

Contest: the 20 most-voted up to now

by Bella Club

Up to last Friday, January 30th, these were the 20 most-voted models in Bella Club´s beauty contest, in alphabetical order. But hold on! If your favorite isn´t on the list, there´s still time to help her reach the top. You can change the figures!

If you still haven´t voted, please click here and help us find the new Bella Club model. Remember that Bella Club members´ vote is worth 3 points instead of one.

credits: Bella Club
Blog - Ballet dancer, actress, model, student... and hot!

Ballet dancer, actress, model, student... and hot!

by Bella Club

To celebrate our 14 years on the Internet, here is what we´re bringing you:

She gratuated in ballet and theater, studies Fashion and English, goes to the gym every day, and still has time to discover nice restaurants and sunbathe on the beach. At 23, the new Bella Club model impresses not only for the carefully sculpted curves, but also for her determination. I am a determined person, and I carry that with me in all of my life’s aspects.

In order to follow her example and keep busy for some time, keep your eyes open. Her photo shoot will be here on Monday, February 2nd.

credits: Bella Club
Blog - Bella Club is 14!

Bella Club is 14!

by Bella Club

Here is another picture of our special gift to you! In February, Bella Club will be 14, and to celebrate the date it brings the stunning model you see above in a hot, teasing photo shoot. There is not much to go before you see her all naked around here. The pictures will be released on Monday, February 2nd.

credits: Bella Club
Blog - Our anniversary celebration

Our anniversary celebration

by Bella Club

Bella Club completes 14 years on air in February, and to celebrate it brings the woman you see above. The anniversary party of the hottest website on the Internet will be in the company of this beautiful lady. The first 12 sections of this special photo shoot will be published next Monday. If we could give you an advice, this would be it: please don´t miss it!
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