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Rodrigo BMW wrote on A volta de Rafaela Didea:
não perco por nada, vem ne mim gostosa!
Rodrigo BMW wrote on Inconfundível!:
Rafaela Didea de novo aí sim
SubscriberFrédéric Masselot wrote on Rafaela Didea returns:
Yes, she is amazing and we want a lot of good things with her pictures:)
Luiz wrote on A volta de Rafaela Didea:
Pra mim, ela é a melhor do site. Essa mulher é demais.
SubscriberGuilherme da Silva Eda wrote on A volta de Rafaela Didea:
Aí sim, a maravilhosa Rafaela Didea de volta!!! Ancioso pela terceira parte!!
JOÃO wrote on A volta de Rafaela Didea:
Realmente, a Rafaela é especial! Como sempre muito linda e muito, mas muito gostosa! Top 1000 do BDS! Que venha logo segunda feira! Ansiedade total! Abraços e mais uma vez, parabéns BDS!
Anthony wrote on Rafaela Didea returns:
Thank God she's back...and never enough!!!
ankur sharma wrote on Rafaela Didea returns:
Thanks Bella club for the new brand photo-shoot because from last 2 months i am waiting for her..(Rafaela didea) love you Bella club..and also Rafaela didea.
SubscriberAntonio Bandeiras wrote on Inconfundível!:
Rafaela Didea! De novo? Gostaria de ver Franciele Perão, Anielly Campos e Fernanda Duarte! Gostaria de parabenizar o Bella as duas últimas modelos Amanda Sagaz e Júnia Cabral elas são perfeitas!
Freddy Nardin wrote on Inconfundível!:
Só da ela! A rainha das bundas! Rafa Didea
adeilton wrote on Inconfundível!:
pena que não é a amanda sagaz
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credits: Bella Club
Blog - She´s a teaser!

She´s a teaser!

by Bella Club

The new Bella Club model is just like that: amazingly hot. Keep an eye open for news coming in the next days. It´ll be worth the wait!
credits: Bella Club
Blog - Such a nice day!

Such a nice day!

by Bella Club

Today´s pretty Tati Kremer who´s here to wish you a magical weekend. To celebrate the fact that we are going through one of the nicest days of the week, here are two links that´ll take you to wonderful places: the first, leading you to Tati´s photo shoot; and the second, taking you to Micheli Burate´s brand new photos which aired this morning here in Bella Club. Click to enjoy today´s pleasures!
credits: Bella Club
Blog - Micheli returns tomorrow

Micheli returns tomorrow

by Bella Club

There is little to go before you can see Micheli´s nine extra sections here in Bella Club. The brand new pictures air tomorrow, March 28th, and show a very comfy model posing to the lenses of Walmor de Oliveira.
credits: Bella Club
Blog - This Friday: Micheli Burate

This Friday: Micheli Burate

by Bella Club

Here is another brand new photo of pretty Micheli Burate, who is due back here in Bella Club this Friday, March 28th. Click to see the first two parts of the brunette´s photo shoot, and have a wonderful day!
credits: Bella Club
Blog - A very good day to you, too!

A very good day to you, too!

by Bella Club

What a nice surprise having Ana Karoline  here wishing you a fantastic day. Want to bet it is a matter of time until your Tuesday becomes your favorite day of the week? Click here to see the photos of the impressive brunette. Then come back to let us know, if you can.
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