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Subscriber Isaac wrote on Vem logo, Nalu!:
Alexandre e demais amigos estouradores de espumante, a foto 3 da sessão 7 do ensaio da Nalu mostra um pouquinho daquela partezinha... é bem discreto, mas atiça a imaginação. Coloquei ela no meu álbum especial do Meu Bella, que até agora tem só 4 fotos, mas espero que cresça como nossos amigões quando vêem as fotos do site. Por mais fotos reveladoras no Bella!
Bella da Semana wrote on Vem logo, Nalu!:
Oi Jacson, vai ter parte 2 do vídeo, sim!
Subscriber Jacson Ferreira Rocha wrote on Vem logo, Nalu!:
Vai ter a parte 2 do vídeo, desse ensaio maravilhoso
Subscriber Jacson Ferreira Rocha wrote on Vem logo, Nalu!:
Vai ter a parte 2 do vídeo também?
Samuel Vieira wrote on Vem logo, Nalu!:
Bonita nessa foto. Vi as redes sociais dela e fiquei surpreso.
Subscriber Alexandre wrote on Vem logo, Nalu!:
Belíssima a Nalu... e Muito gostosa também. As fotos dela ficaram bem ousadas... Será que teremos alguma como a foto 03 da sessão 09 da Kateryna Taylor?????? Sinto maior tesão por aquela partezinha....
Subscriber Jorge Freire wrote on Nalu: de volta na semana que vem!:
A Milly Cunha também devia ter retornado.
Grextone wrote on Nalu: de volta na semana que vem!:
Por favor, façam um novo ensaio com a Poliana Ampesan, ela é espetacular! E tbm com a Camila Remedy novamente, ela é um estouro de mulher..
Subscriber Assis Chateaubriand wrote on Nalu: de volta na semana que vem!:
EXCELENTE!!!! E por favor, não se esqueçam de fotos desses pézinhos maravilhosos!!!
Subscriber Jorge wrote on Nalu: de volta na semana que vem!:
Por favor... Bis da Anielly Campos, Vanessa Vailatti e Paula Rabello.
Subscriber João wrote on Nalu: de volta na semana que vem!:
Muito gostosa. Espero que ela mostre muito... Ela é linda.
luiz mendes wrote on Siga o Bella nas redes sociais:
as meninas da semana são belas
Subscriber Marcos wrote on Nalu: de volta na semana que vem!:
Linda! Diferente da maioria pois tem pêlos! Maravilhoso isso! Delícia de rabo! Agora, merecia no mínimo 20 seções! 7 no primeiro foi muito pouco! Enquando não chega a quarta vou me deliciando com os belos rabos de Marina Neves e Suély Pedroso! Delícia!
Subscriber Valtencir wrote on Nalu: de volta na semana que vem!:
Subscriber Joao wrote on Nalu: de volta na semana que vem!:
Boa tarde! Apesar da Nalu Kasmierski ser linda, maravilhosa e deliciosa, concordo com o Jorge, aliás, venho pedindo isso à tempos! "Retorno da Vanessa Vailatti", a mais linda sem sombra de dúvidas do site! Outra que também merece mais fotos é a linda morena Emiliana Agacci! Espero que possam nos atender em breve! Abraços!
Blog: Her name's Monique...
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Her name's Monique...

Tomorrow we’ll be publishing a photo shoot that you can’t miss! The first part of Monique Helena’s photos is just like herself: a mixture of sweetness and innocence with teasing and daringness. A combination which can’t go wrong, we must say!

She’s 20 years old, and she can’t resist to a pull on the hair during sex. She’s also into provocative talking while she’s at it.

This is the first time Monique has posed naked, and you can’t miss her first time in Bella Club. “I had never done it before, and I must confess I loved it!” Click on the image above to see a teaser.

Blog: Here’s to our new girl
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Here’s to our new girl

Only 20 years old and a very special girlish look. Monique Helena, the new Bella Club model, stars a different shooting: with rollerblades, headphones, and her genitals pierced – yup, you got that right!

We’ll be releasing her photos on Wednesday, presenting you both a sweet girl and a daring woman. See you then!

Blog: Here's our live photo shoot
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Here's our live photo shoot

Now we're realized why the Internet wasn't working earlier. It wasn't because our team is now in a remote location for our live photo shoot. It was because there are two models posing together! It just couldn't take that so much... But now we're back, and throughout the day we'll be posting photos and videos here in our blog and also in our social media, just to share this pleasure with you.

Stay tuned during the day so you won't miss a thing!

Blog: Tesla Motors launches new car
Tesla Motors
by Bella Club

Tesla Motors launches new car

Here's another item to put on the wishlist of all car lovers! Last week Tesla Motors released information on the new Tesla Model 3, with production starting next year. The car is the fourth model produced by the brand, and will be sold cheaper than the other three.

In the US, its initial cost is of US$ 35.000, and it is possible to reserve  one of your own for US$ 1.000 in their official website . Even though they haven't said a lot about the new Tesla, it has been said the car's maximun speed can reach 345 km/h, and that it's panel had a big touch screen. According to the manufacturer, Tesla Model 3 has been designed to attain the highest safety ratings in every category.

For those who are considering buying a new car in the near future, Tesla Model 3 might be a great idea - don't you think?

Blog: About our live transmission
William Pires
by Bella Club

About our live transmission

Oh boy... it seems not even technology could handle the beauty of today's photo shoot's model! Our team is currently in a remote location, filled with natural beauty, and the Internet is a bit bipolar - it doesn't know if it observes our stunning model, or if it works so we can show you what's going on around there.

That's why it might take a while before we're able to share some of the moments with you. But one thing's right: we're trying our best, and we hope to come back with the best of news asap.

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