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SubscriberAugusto wrote on De costas, você reconhece?:
Sou fã desta Gata.
SubscriberSebastião Daniel wrote on De costas, você reconhece?:
Eu adoro a Sabrina Hendler! Ela é simplesmente maravilhosa...
Paulo wrote on De costas, você reconhece?:
Com toda a certeza é a Musa das Musas Sabrina Hendler! Vamo Inteeeer!! Para quem não sabe, ela é a Bela da nossa torcida do Internacional !
Jeferson wrote on De costas, você reconhece?:
Só pode ser a Deusa Sabrina Hendler!! Ansioso pelo sábado!!
SubscriberAvascir Lima Aragao wrote on De costas, você reconhece?:
Muito gata.
SubscriberEduardo wrote on De costas, você reconhece?:
Sabrina Hendler! Mal podemos esperar pelo sábado! Por falar em Fran Perão... Quando a teremos de volta no Bella? Bem que poderia ser no ensaio de Natal ein... Imagina a Perão vestida de 'Mamãe Noel'...
George wrote on Can you recognize her?:
Sabrina hendler
SubscriberReinaldo Carlos wrote on De costas, você reconhece?:
Que máximo galera!! Sábado então, tem mais um pouquinho de mim! S2 hehe Beijao a todos assinantes!! :*
SubscriberLeandro Monteiro wrote on De costas, você reconhece?:
Sabrina Hendler, com certeza!
luís flávio wrote on De costas, você reconhece?:
Pelas costas fica difícil saber, mas pelas botas só pode ser a rainha dos texanos tupiniquins, a cowgirl de Pindorama, Sabrina Hendler.
costa wrote on De costas, você reconhece?:
bem que poderia ter um novo ensaio da fran perao
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credits: Bella Club
Blog - Are you ready?

Are you ready?

by Bella Club

So, are you ready to enjoy the weekend? Pretty Ana Paula Leme is here to remind you how beautiful life is, how important is a day off, and that happiness can be just around the corner. Click here to see her photos, and be inspired for the next couple of days.
credits: Reproduction
Blog - Photographer: Primo Tacca Neto

Photographer: Primo Tacca Neto

by Bella Club

Photographing for Bella Club for the first time, Primo Tacca Neto shows he has talent with  Franciele Christ´s photoshoot.

Owner of a natural ability when it comes to dealing with female models, Tacca defends excellence in customer service as the key to successful results. He tells that when he decided becoming a photographer, he had to organize his ideas and personal concepts to offer something different to the public. At 33, he believes that, in the future, talent is what will distinguish a photographer from the other, ´since it is the only feature you cannot buy, and that takes years to acquire.´

Click here to see Franciele"s photoshoot, and note that the combination of Tacca´s creativity with Franciele´s sensuality could only result in one thing: some amazing picture sets!

credits: Bella Club
Blog - She is going to hipnotize you...

She is going to hipnotize you...

by Bella Club

Owner of piercing green eyes and beautiful natural breasts, our new model comes with the purpose of driving you crazy with the photoshoot she prepared to Bella Club.

Franciele Christ was born in the South of Brazil, is 22 years old, and gets her clothes off for the first time in her career. She also wishes to visit Cancun, and confesses: ´I felt really comfortable getting naked to the cameras.´

Phew... we guess she´ll reach her goal really quick! The brand new photos air this Wednesday, August 6th. Come back here then, and see if you can resist temptation!

credits: Bella Club
Blog - Can you resist?

Can you resist?

by Bella Club

Another image of the model who comes our way with the purpose of conquering the male community out there. The brand new photoshoot brings the green-eyed babe feeling pretty comfy in front of the cameras. Hold on, there is little to go before she can prove you cannot resist such temptation...

credits: Bella Club
Blog - Soon: brand new photoshoot

Soon: brand new photoshoot

by Bella Club

Here comes a brunette who made sure her first sexy shooting was a success. The new Bella Club model is 22 years old, has hipnotizing green eyes and fair, naturally sculpted breasts.

Want to see her face? Go to our Facebook page to check it out. Also, take your time with the picture above, and get ready to see much more...

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