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Subscriber Aroldo Plínio Batista Batista wrote on É ela a nova modelo do Bella:
Nossa, já estou babando, é muito gostosa meu!!
hfghfg wrote on She’s the new Bella Club model:
ai q delicia
Subscriber Ricardo wrote on É ela a nova modelo do Bella:
Mulheres maravilhosas como essa, é só aqui no Bella...
MB wrote on É ela a nova modelo do Bella:
Já virei Figueirense!!!
Patrick wrote on É ela a nova modelo do Bella:
Até que enfim o Bella esta voltando para o padrão de modelos lindas... Ansioso!!!
Subscriber Avascir Lima Aragao wrote on Ela quer um pouquinho de atenção:
Eu dou toda atenção do mundo para Emanuela Albino. Deliciosa.
Subscriber Avascir Lima Aragao wrote on É ela a nova modelo do Bella:
Que gostosa, vamis assistir um jogo juntos.
Subscriber Sebastião Daniel wrote on Ela quer um pouquinho de atenção:
A Emanuela Albino é uma delícia! Mas ela junto com a Manu Muniz é melhor ainda... Huuuummmm...
Subscriber Diógenes Rodrigo dos Santos wrote on É ela a nova modelo do Bella:
Muito Obrigado Bella da Semana. Comecei o meu dia com esta escultura , desta linda Loira.
Subscriber Diógenes Rodrigo dos Santos wrote on Ela quer um pouquinho de atenção:
Seios Lindos...
iomar wrote on Siga o Bella nas redes sociais:
Gostei da qualidade do site.
Subscriber Rodrigo wrote on Ela quer um pouquinho de atenção:
Bumbum maravilhoso !
Alexandre wrote on Ela quer um pouquinho de atenção:
Essa mulher e sensacional,corpo perfeito,sem palavras...
Subscriber Ricardo Amado wrote on Ela quer um pouquinho de atenção:
Pqp! Que buuunnnndaaaaa!!!
Subscriber Cleber wrote on Bella Noir na mídia italiana:
essas novas fotos da gata amanda ficaram muito show ,ela e muito linda deveriam fazer mais fotos de com langery preta ela ira ficar mais linda ,mas estao de parabens.
Blog: Get her number in 7 easy steps
by Bella Club

Get her number in 7 easy steps

Getting a babe’s number might be a complicated task - especially if she’s the hottie everyone’s after, with a vast number of men by her feet. But with the tip we brought here today you may get her number as well as a few laughs (and several points!).

It’s a simple game - therefore efficient. We’ll now teach you how to get her cell phone number at the same time that you impress her with your creativity. Check this out:

Step 1: tell her you can get her number using only a calculator
Now she’s curious, and you’ve just become a more interesting man. Let’s say this is the beginning of a card well-played. Yes, score!

Step 2: ask her to open her phone’s calculador
You don’t actually have to look over her shoulders, give her some privacy.

Step 3: ask her to type the first 3 digit’s of her phone number
Just tell her to do that, and observe the curiosity you created just added a few extra points to your score. Don’t pry, just let her be.

Step 4: ask her to multiply those first 3 digits by 80
First 3 digits * 80. Piece of cake!

Step 5: then she should add 1, and multiply the result by 250
Previous result + 1 * 250. Done.

Step 6: she must add the last four digits of her number (twice)
In this step she must add to the total the last 4 digits of her phone number. Let’s say the final digits are 7782. That’s what she should add to the total in the calculator. After doing so, repeat this step. Simplifying: total + last 4 digits + last 4 digits.

Step 7: ask her to subtract 250, and divide it by 2
The last step is about telling her to subtract 250 out of the total, and then divide the result by 2.

Now just look at her smile, because you’ve made it! She’s now staring to her own cell phone number on her screen, right in front of you. After this, you certainly deserve to have it! First for making her have some fun, then for having started an interesting conversation, and logically for having proved what you wanted since the beginning.

You can also simplify the equation by simply asking her to type the first 3 digits of her number, multiply it by 10.000, and adding to the result the last 4 digits of her number. But then it’ll be a much quicker conversation, and we guess that’s not what you want. Right?



Blog: It’s all about family laces...
Bella Club
by Bella Club

It’s all about family laces...

Mainly distracted by the fact that this is a double shooting, and also for bringing two very hot cousins as the main stars, we still weren’t able to conclude if the models are opposites, or similar when it comes to their characteristics. What we do know, therefore, is that hotties Camila Correia and Laisa Moraes are going to cause several divorces, innumerable debates, and countless heart attacks out there!

Not only they offer a very sexy, beautiful shooting, but they were also sure they did their best in order to present the best of photos to all Bella Club members. FYI: these photos are pure bliss!

To see more of what they’ll be offering, be ready. The photo shoot will be available from tomorrow.


Blog: Playing with your imagination...
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Playing with your imagination...

We woke up this morning thinking about Junia Cabral, and remembering the way she messed with our heads when she photographed to Bella Club. There aren't 10, nor 20... but 30 photo sets formed by amazing images of this Brazilian babe. To see Junia's photo shoot ll over again, and start the week with a bit more willing, click here.


Blog: Double photo shoot coming!
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Double photo shoot coming!

We couldn't keep away from them for another day: our new pair, who'll be here this Wednesday, in a brand new, sexy, teasing, incredibly beautiful photo shoot! Let's have a nice Sunday with our mothers, shall we? And we'll be waiting for your return really soon...


Blog: Remember that hot cousin?
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Remember that hot cousin?

Every family has an interesting story involving cousins, ain’t that right? There’s Always a hot cousin, a cousin that has done something mad, one that takes your breath away... Or in this case two that have decided to remove all of their clothing to photograph to our website.

Bella Club’s next shooting is a real resistance test. Prepare your heart, for next Wednesday we’ll be presenting you with a double photo shoot, starring cousins Camila and Laisa (incredibly hot, may we add!).

Finally a family meeting we’d love to join!


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