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Regis wrote on Apresentadora de TV retorna ao Bella:
Maravilhosa, espetáculo, que beleza de mulher meu Deus
Rafael wrote on A primeira beldade de março:
A mais maravilhosa de todos os tempos na minha humilde opinião. Que mulher !!!
Sandro wrote on Mais de Sabrina Petrarca:
Que perfeição de mulher to contando os segudos para o ensaio novo.
Ricardo wrote on Mais de Sabrina Petrarca:
A Sabrina é linda e o primeiro ensaio ficou bom, mas faltou um salto alto nele. Mal posso esperar para ver ela nuazinha de sandálias de salto alto.
Nando wrote on A primeira beldade de março:
Pela minha vasta observação, seu corpo é perfeito. Namora comigo bella
Joao Paulo wrote on Mais de Sabrina Petrarca:
Nossa que perfeição que beleza simétrica parece uma boneca
SubscriberFrédéric Masselot wrote on More of Sabrina Petrarca:
Good Good!
SubscriberFelipe wrote on Mais de Sabrina Petrarca:
Mew, essa mulher é muito bonita... pqp
SubscriberAvascir Lima wrote on Mais de Sabrina Petrarca:
As fotos estão lindas, mais por favor coloca pelo menos uma sessão de fotos com ela no quarto de preferência na cama, desde de já agradeço.
SubscriberSebastião Daniel wrote on Mais de Sabrina Petrarca:
Ui, que delícia de modelo!!! Se esta primeira parte já está de tirar o fôlego, imagina o restante então...
SubscriberRaul wrote on E a vencedora é...:
Faço parte do time que achou um desperdício esse concurso, havia comentando isso no primeiro dia em que divulgaram as candidatas, esperava ver mulheres fora da vertente já encontrada no BdS, no entanto o que vimos foram várias modelos. Mas enfim que seja um bom ensaio.
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credits: Bella Club
Blog - Ballet dancer, actress, model, student... and hot!

Ballet dancer, actress, model, student... and hot!

by Bella Club

To celebrate our 14 years on the Internet, here is what we´re bringing you:

She gratuated in ballet and theater, studies Fashion and English, goes to the gym every day, and still has time to discover nice restaurants and sunbathe on the beach. At 23, the new Bella Club model impresses not only for the carefully sculpted curves, but also for her determination. I am a determined person, and I carry that with me in all of my life’s aspects.

In order to follow her example and keep busy for some time, keep your eyes open. Her photo shoot will be here on Monday, February 2nd.

credits: Bella Club
Blog - Bella Club is 14!

Bella Club is 14!

by Bella Club

Here is another picture of our special gift to you! In February, Bella Club will be 14, and to celebrate the date it brings the stunning model you see above in a hot, teasing photo shoot. There is not much to go before you see her all naked around here. The pictures will be released on Monday, February 2nd.

credits: Bella Club
Blog - Our anniversary celebration

Our anniversary celebration

by Bella Club

Bella Club completes 14 years on air in February, and to celebrate it brings the woman you see above. The anniversary party of the hottest website on the Internet will be in the company of this beautiful lady. The first 12 sections of this special photo shoot will be published next Monday. If we could give you an advice, this would be it: please don´t miss it!
credits: Dollar Photo Club
Blog - What if it is online only?

What if it is online only?

by Bella Club

Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Tinder. There are so many apps it is hard to administer such an amount of contacts and friends. It is also hard to know who nowadays says no to it all, ignoring communication and its virtual ways. Lucky are those who have a partner who doesn´t keep checking his/her phone all the time! Speaking about that... do you think virtually cheating is actually cheating?

Click here to read Mariana Goulart´s opinion on the subject in this month´s What Women Want.

credits: Bella Club
Blog - Tomorrow: Jocasta in bonus pictures

Tomorrow: Jocasta in bonus pictures

by Bella Club

Tomorrow pretty Jocasta Doyle  is back to Bella Club. She, who has already surprised us with 20 picture sets, is back with six brand new ones for us to enjoy. You are not allowed to miss that!
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