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Subscriber Ricardo wrote on O nome dela é Monique...:
Se terminar o namoro, estou na fila, Monique.
Subscriber Ricardo wrote on Esta é a primeira vez de Rosane...:
E sim, a hot redhead Larissa está merecendo um ensaio.
Subscriber Ricardo wrote on Esta é a primeira vez de Rosane...:
Natural, soube sensualizar e fez o ensaio mais ousado do Bella até hoje hein?
Jeronimo Lopes wrote on Nalu: de volta na semana que vem!:
Essa é a melhor notícia dos últimos tempos! A Nalu é, disparada, o melhor ensaio dos últimos 12 meses. Tomara que o ensaio seja farto, com muitas seções, porque, pelo vídeo, pensei que não tivéssemos esse merecido bis.
Marcos wrote on Nalu: de volta na semana que vem!:
Peço apenas que caprichem na sessão dos pezinhos dela, que são lindos, mas poderiam ter sido melhor explorados na primeira parte. Não apenas as solas, mas muito mais closes nos dedinhos.
Subscriber Fernando Nunes Nunes wrote on Ela é uma mulher irresistível:
Ela realmente, é irresitivel. Linda demais. Bjs.
Subscriber Marcos wrote on Nalu: de volta na semana que vem!:
A mais linda dos últimos anos!
Subscriber Jorge wrote on Nalu: de volta na semana que vem!:
TOP. Linda demais.
Marcos wrote on Nalu: de volta na semana que vem!:
Palmas e mais palmas, estava mesmo louco pra ver a segunda parte deste belo ensaio com essa loira sensacional!
Subscriber Caio Frossard Stafanato wrote on Nalu: de volta na semana que vem!:
Ela é linda, porem acho q o bella esta deixando a desejar nese aspecto e repetindo demais as modelos, novidades sempre é bom !!
Subscriber Joao wrote on Ela é uma mulher irresistível:
Ellen Sapori, lindíssima mineirinha! Nalu Kasmierski, maravilhosa! Simplesmente "perfect"! Que venha logo quarta feira, além de linda e muito gostosa, a Nalu é toda meiga, rosto, mãos e pezinhos "35" maravilhosos! Por favor, caprichem nos saltos e claro, ousem nas posições! Bom fds a todos!
Subscriber Avascir Lima Aragao wrote on Nalu: de volta na semana que vem!:
Ótima notícia, já ganhei minha sexta feira.
Subscriber Igor wrote on Nalu: de volta na semana que vem!:
Eta delicia...
Subscriber Diógenes Rodrigo dos Santos wrote on Nalu: de volta na semana que vem!:
Linda foto ! Linda modelo !
Subscriber Jorge Freire wrote on Ela é uma mulher irresistível:
Gostosa. Seios fartos e naturais. Volta Anielly Campos.
Blog: April Fool's: it was all a lie!
Dollar Photo Club
by Bella Club

April Fool's: it was all a lie!

If you asked us to describe our blog's last post with only one word, we would say: polemic! Yesterday we posted saying that Bella Club would start photographing men as well as women from June on.

We got to say many people got wild! Women loved it, of course, but some of our male fans out there have even considered cancelling their memberships. Boys, relax! Just in case you're lost in time, yesterday was April Fool's Day. Therefore, it was all a game (phew!).

To the ladies, we can only say we're deeply sorry. But let's face it: we must follow our talents, and Bella Club is into women, we're specialized in capturing the essence of the female body - and that is why we'll keep doing what we've been doing for the last 15 years.

Blog: Bella will start photographing men
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Bella will start photographing men

Attention, ladies! It's about time Bella Club started paying more attention to your needs. That's why we've made a decision: from June, we'll be photographing men as well as women!

That's right! Besides our regular photo shoots, we'll have a hotsite dedicated only to them, with sexy photos and teasing videos, always following the quality standards the website adopts for 15 years now.

So, to all chicks reading this now: how about letting your friends know about this? And to the men out there who are feeling angry with our decision, calm down! After all, we all deserve equal rights, ain't that so?

Blog: Wanting to run away from it all?
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Wanting to run away from it all?

Sometimes you see yourself in a situation that makes you want to throw it all up in the air and run away for some time. Well... relieving stress is compulsory in order to avoid a bigger mess, and that is why we now invite you to take a quick flight to Australia. Abandon your meetings for a moment, reschedule your next tasks, and click here to pay a visit to lovely Kateryna Taylor. We're sure that you'll be feeling lighter when you get back...

Blog: Our contest's winner's photos
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Our contest's winner's photos

She’s the winner of this year’s beauty contest, and she’s got a lot to show you! Wearing a White bikini, Emiliana Agacci got the title after being the most voted amongst all candidates in a live event held in Brazil earlier this year. Now the first parto f her photo shoot will finally be released!

Not even Brazilian country singer Lucas Lucco could resist to her charms. Both were part of a romantic adventure, and our girl has his name tattooed on her neck as a nice memory of what once was. She loves tattoos, by the way, and has many covering her carefully sculpted curves – one of which brings the sentence she lives by: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

In order to love the lives we live, how about seeing her photos here in Bella Club? The shooting will be published tomorrow!
Blog: Come with us!
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Come with us!

With so many beautiful women it's hard to keep focused. That's why we've gathered all the news about our babes in just one place. We're in the social media, and this is an invitation for you to stay tuned about all that's happening regarding Bella Club. To know all about our offers, releases, advantages, and of course our sexy pictures and videos, come with us!

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Google +: +bellaclub

Bella Club - the best excuse to check the social media [at work, hiding from your chick, when you cannot sleep, at lunchtime, ou feeling comfy with your feet up in your favorite armchair!].

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