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alex wrote on Ela tem muito mais para mostrar:
Eita que morena bem vinda sempre com mais e mais fotos...lindissima..:)
Zavtra wrote on Reconhece nossa próxima modelo?:
Se o site fizer um ensaio conjunto da Nalu Kasmierski e a Katlen Oliveira, eu assino o site por dez anos :-) P.S.: Já tá na hora do Bella fazer making ofs de 20 minutos ou mais. Hoje em dia, todo mundo tem Internet rápida,mesmo...
Marcos wrote on Topa um desafio?:
Que espetáculo de mulher a Darline Carvalho, é sempre bom rever o ensaio desse mulherão simplesmente perfeito em cada centímetro. Quando é que teremos um novo ensaio com ela? Só isso já é suficiente pra renovar a assinatura por mais um ano, fácil!
Subscriber Fernando Alves Pinto wrote on Reconhece nossa próxima modelo?:
Que tal um ensaio duplo mais picante???
Subscriber Claudio H M wrote on Reconhece nossa próxima modelo?:
A linda morena Rosane Cardoso. A safra de morenas esta perfeita e a de loiras também. E por falar em loiras, vivo sonhando com um novo ensaio com a Linda Patricia Berlanda. Mês que vem é meu aniversário, seria o melhor presente.
Subscriber Ricardo wrote on Sabrina quer mais amor...:
You don't need to ask twice, Sabrina, believe me. And love me too.
Subscriber Ricardo wrote on Você pediu, ela voltou!:
O ensaio da Monique Helena ficou bem interessante. É importante variar, trazer gatinhas como ela de vez em quando. Não ficar na mesmice das saradas que são tão valorizadas hoje em dia. Além do diferencial de ser naturalmente linda as seções variaram bastante. Da menininha de patins à mulher que sabe seduzir com lingeries ousadas. Das poses delicadas de um book à ousadia de mostrar ao assinante o que poucos sortudos tiveram a chance de ver antes. Claro que o piercing virou a cereja do bolo. E que bolo!
Subscriber Ricardo wrote on Pare tudo e veja isso!:
Vocês fazem essas fotos e não querem comentários libidinosos? Estão de sacanagem!
Subscriber Ricardo wrote on Muito melhor que efeito de Snapchat!:
A Monique Helena é perfeita em cada detalhe. Linda, delicada, dá vontade de pegar no colo e pedir em casamento.
Subscriber Alexandre Souza Conceição wrote on Reconhece nossa próxima modelo?:
Vocês não intercalar ensaios de modelos inéditas com segundas partes de modelos que já passaram por aqui?
Subscriber Samuel wrote on Reconhece nossa próxima modelo?:
A adição dos vídeos Full HD 1080p foi um grande avanço para o site, mas para o meu gosto precisa melhorar as modelos, me animei com a Katlen Oliveira mas estou vendo que modelos do nivel dela estão ficando cada vez mais raras aqui, essa crítica é de acordo com meu gosto.
Subscriber Rossini wrote on Reconhece nossa próxima modelo?:
Rosane Cardoso- Escultural
Subscriber Anderson wrote on Reconhece nossa próxima modelo?:
É uma bela morena Rosane Cardoso sensacional.
Subscriber Fung Vincent wrote on Can you recognize her?:
i like you very much same as Monique!
Subscriber General wrote on Reconhece nossa próxima modelo?:
Subscriber Leonardo Bruni wrote on Reconhece nossa próxima modelo?:
Rosane Cardoso. O Bella está arrebentando com essa safra de morenas!
luiz marcos araujo wrote on Topa um desafio?:
muito gostosa
Subscriber Waldir Borges Oliveira Junior wrote on Reconhece nossa próxima modelo?:
Maravilhosa Rosane Cardoso, simplesmente deliciosa.
Blog: Here she comes!
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Here she comes!

Here comes the model who's returning to Bella Club next week, aiming to make you happier. Gorgeous Emiliana Agacci is ready to show you a bit more of her best features. Stay tuned for seeing more! The second part of her photo shoot will be released on Wednesday.


Blog: Got a minute?
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Got a minute?

There's a blue-eyed babe wanting a minute of your time. She's not asking too much, is she? If you wish to make her happy, just click here.


Blog: Search engines favor piracy
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Search engines favor piracy

Not only in Brazil, but everywhere in the globe, lots are said about safety when it comes to the releasing of personal data – at the same time in which content production heavily increases on a daily basis. With free access to any kind of information, the user is instantly involved with which is happening that very moment, no matter where he/she is. Therefore, up until what point is the content the user is exposed to is quality content? Up to what point is mass production safe?

A cold analysis shows that great part of the content available online is irrelevant, sometimes false even, which can generate negative results for the users, without their awareness. The cases in which people suffer with online ‘jokes’ are not rare. A recent study carried out by TeleSign points out that up to 40% of the worldwide network have been through some kind of web-related hassle.

Another great problem involves the ones who produce online content. With a demanding audience, investment in quality material is essential to produce content that is attractive to the users. But how should we do it if we’ll almost certainly be copied by the internet pirates?

Two of the fields that suffer the most with this problematic are cultural production, and adult content. How can these professionals offer quality material for all if search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing don’t help at all with the results they offer after a user search? One of the alternatives found by workers is de-indexation so we can have access to a safe, quality-driven delivery of results.

A victim of piracy cases is Bella Club itself. The user accesses Google, for example, and searches for more information on a given model who is currently on the website. The results are astonishing: mainly because on the top results are pornographic websites which steal Bella Club’s original material in order to replicate it, free of charge. Some low-quality website even publishes photos and videos stolen from a person’s personal computer or mobile phone. In other words, piracy gets more attention in the search engine tools than correct, safe, original content websites.

The same happens with movies and songs. If you search for “Titanic the movie”, for example, 90% of the first results shown include pirate websites that have illegally uploaded the movie, offering it for free to the users – but not necessarily safely.

When unadvised users click on these links, they run serious risk of contaminating their devices with viruses or spywares, leaving their personal information insecure – including bank account data, as well as photos, and videos.

Some countries in Europe have been trying to eradicate the issue. The ‘right of forgetting’ offers European citizens the option of requiring search engines to remove certain content if they see fit, especially if the exposed content is considered imprecise, irrelevant, inadequate, or even excessive for the data processing itself.

In short, internet piracy is bad both for companies and people. In a way, search engines are the main channel for piracy to gain more space in people’s routines, since engines index all the online content available, not making a distinction between what’s safe for the users, and what is not.

It is about time Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others started adopting a smarter system for delivering better results to their users, who trust the content they share as results of a given search.


Alexandre Peccin



Blog: See it all in our live shooting!
Bella Club
by Bella Club

See it all in our live shooting!

A bit late, but never sorry, because that means we've been working on something that'll definitely be worth seeing throughout the day today! We'll be posting live videos and photos of the model who's soon going to be around here officially, showing everything she's got to tease you.

In order not to miss any details, come with us:

Facebook: /bellaclub
Snapchat: /belladasemana
Instagram: @belladasemanaoficial
Twitter: /bellaclub
Google +: +bellaclub

Bella Club - the best excuse to check the social media!

Blog: Live photo shoot tomorrow!
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Live photo shoot tomorrow!

Another great news to all Bella Club followers! We'll be having a live photo shoot being transmitted tomorrow, May 31st. We'll be posting photos and videos here in our blog and also in our social media throughout the day. In order not to miss any details, come with us:

Facebook: /bellaclub
Snapchat: /belladasemana
Instagram: @belladasemanaoficial
Twitter: /bellaclub
Google +: +bellaclub

Bella Club - the best excuse to check the social media!

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