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Luiz Mellega wrote on Acompanhe o ensaio ao vivo:
Priscila Rocha reconheci pela tattoo, maravilhosa! Minha MISS BUMBUM favorita de todos os tempos, adorei a contratação, parabéns ao BELLA, Pecin e equipe show!
Subscriber Frédéric wrote on There's much more of her tomorrow!:
Gorgeous, amazing body specially the face, the long and straight hair and an exceptional breast!!! And very good pictures, high quality...
Subscriber Diógenes Rodrigo wrote on Bella Noir na mídia italiana:
Parabéns a todos da Bella da Semana e Bella Noir. Nos brasileiros , somos muito capazes e competentes. Brasil , o País mais Rico do Mundo. Brasileiros e Brasileiras , nunca desistam de Lutar por um Brasil Melhor.
Adeilton wrote on Nesta quarta: muito mais de Amanda!:
infelizmente uma segunda parte fraca,poucas fotos e um video pequeno
Subscriber Vanderlucio wrote on Nesta quarta: muito mais de Amanda!:
Mulher com um potencial incrível e segundo ensaio fraco, só foto requentada. Poderia ter deixado 08 sessões so pra nao assinantes e uma so das 09 para assinante. Paciência....podiam dividir bem os ensaios já que tem a possibilidade de uma segunda parte dele. Fazer o que né, ainda continua valendo a assinatura...mais q pode melhorar..ah isso pode. Abraços
Subscriber Rubens wrote on Nesta quarta: muito mais de Amanda!:
Essa Amanda é gatíssima mas o seu ensaio é muito fraco... as duas partes.
Subscriber Reus wrote on Nesta quarta: muito mais de Amanda!:
modelo muito bonita, linda, mas as fotos estão muito ruins, deixaram a desejar dessa segunda parte, fiquei decepcionado...
Subscriber Andrew wrote on Would you like a free membership?:
The most beautiful women ever
Hungve wrote on Would you like a free membership?:
Free video
Subscriber Gilmar wrote on Acompanhe o ensaio ao vivo:
Assim é covardia .... a Amanda é Perfeita, Monumental.....
Subscriber Francisco das Chagas Silveira wrote on Acompanhe o ensaio ao vivo:
Subscriber Diógenes Rodrigo wrote on Nesta quarta: muito mais de Amanda!:
Linda foto...
Subscriber Avascir Lima Aragao wrote on Quer uma assinatura na faixa?:
Bom dia, como faz para votar?
Samuel Vieira wrote on Nesta quarta: muito mais de Amanda!:
Linda, mas mais uma vez uma segunda parte.
Subscriber Juliano Esteves Fernandes wrote on Veja o que mais ela pode fazer:
Essa semana nao deveria ser modelo inedita, ja q semana passada foi a australiana??
Blog: Today is live photo shoot day!
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Today is live photo shoot day!

Today we'll be having a live photo shoot, and you'll be able to see all that's happening! We'll be posting photos and videos here in our blog and also in our social media throughout the day. In order not to miss any details, come with us:

Facebook: /bellaclub
Snapchat: /belladasemana
Instagram: @belladasemanaoficial
Twitter: /bellaclub
Google +: +bellaclub

Bella Club - the best excuse to check the social media!

Blog: Aircraft made into furniture
Fallen Furniture
by Bella Club

Aircraft made into furniture

Have you ever thought about having in your home-sweet-home the turbine of a Boeing? Or maybe a coffee table made out of a plane's fuselage?

Well, that's exactly what the guys from Fallen Furniture do: they use parts of both military and civilian planes as the raw-material for furniture and decoration items. According to them, the idea comprises "a design process and ethos has been born that centres on celebrating a single, beautifully engineered aircraft part and marrying it with an eclectic mix of sustainable metals, woods and textiles to create a truly unique product of elegance, functionality and modernity."

The official website doesn't say how much the pieces cost - which make us drop to the conclusion that their artwork is anything but cheap. But you got to agree with us: it's genius, and we bet there are many people out there who would do pratically anything to grab a hold of one of those!


Blog: Come to us, Nalu!
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Come to us, Nalu!

It's tomorrow that we'll be releasing part 2 of Nalu Kasmierski's photo shoot here in Bella Club. The stunning babe is about to turn 24 years old, and is the mixture of the shy girl with the teasing woman. Nalu's pure joy, and says "everything is perfect when we're close to the ones who wish us well."

Feeling comfortable, she has shown her best attributes to the lenses of photographer Alex Ribeiro, and the result of yet another portion of this beautiful work you'll be able to see around here tomorrow.


Blog: Clothes for him and for her
by Bella Club

Clothes for him and for her

There are pieces of clothing that are typically female, and there are those piecesof clothing that are typically male. Well, that's obvious. But there are also the ones which can be worn by both men and women - and we're not talking about that shirt of yours that your girlfriend puts on right after sex (leaving her even sexier!). We're talking about the unisex clothing, the pieces that are nowadays called genderless.

Click here to read more about this new fashion trend.

Blog: Nalu is back next week!
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Nalu is back next week!

Pretty Nalu Kasmierski is the model who returns to Bella Club next Wednesday with part 2 of her photo shoot. We're sure this piece of good news is partly responsible for your good mood today! How about clicking here to see what she's done around here before?


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